MFA of Abkhazia comments the Resolution on "Occupation of Abkhazia and South Ossetia by Russia" passed in U.S. Senate

The Government noted the recent Resolution passed by US Senate according to which Abkhazia is considered as an occupied by Russia territory. We think that the Senate would be better advised to concentrate on putting its collective mind to solving the desperate state of the US economy with all its potential for desperate consequences around the world in preference to attempting to interfere in the internal affairs of a state whose internal dynamics it has so lamentably failed to understand since the breakup of the USSR two decades ago.

Abkhazia is opened to any US state-official who would care to come and see the nature of Abkhazian society. That way a truly objective conclusion could be drawn, rather than one based on malicious Georgian propaganda.

However, throughout the time the United States continues to openly realize anti Abkhaz activity by using political and economic sanctions and counteracting external economic activities of our state.

This kind of approach once again proves the fact that US is a party involved in the conflict between Abkhazia and Georgia and therefore cannot be an independent mediator at the negotiation process.

Source: MFA Abkhazia




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