Statement from the Centre for Strategic Research to the President of the Republic of Abkhazia


The “round table” organized by the Center for strategic research to the President of the Republic of Abkhazia held last Friday, December 18 was dedicated to the presidential elections’ results. The Vice Speaker of the People’s Assembly of the Republic of Abkhazia Vyacheslav Tsugba, the Chairman of the Central Election Commission Batal Tabagua, representatives of political, non-governmental and youth organizations, Public Chamber, Voters’ League “For Fair Elections”, expert community, journalists participated in the discussion. 

The “round table” participants pointed to good organization of the elections, their international significance, high voters’ activity and legitimacy of results as well as importance of securing the received positive experience in the country’s electoral system.

At the meeting it was also a question of the necessity to perfect the election legislation and practice of holding the elections. 
Following the results of the discussion the Center for strategic research prepared a statement. 


Centre for Strategic Researches
To the President of the Republic of Abkhazia

Presidential elections were held in Abkhazia on December 12, 2009. They resulted in election of the incumbent president of the country S. V. Bagapsh for a new term.

Elections were held in a hard-fought competition between the candidates and at voters’ political activity. At that no violations of legal regulations that could affect considerably the results of the voting were detected. Elections were held according to our legislation and international legal regulations what was also pointed to by foreign observers. Thereby our country showed again to the world community its adherence to democratic values and ability to fulfill change of power in the constitutional way. It was a worthy answer of our society to the countries not wishing to recognize independence of Abkhazia and offering Russia to revise its decision on this question.

Elections showed:
• country’s attainment of a new stage of development;
• support by the people of Abkhazia of the political policy aimed at both dynamical and stable development of the society and strategic partnership with Russia;
• society’s aspiration for overcoming of existing problems and strengthening of unity;
• nation’s potential in strengthening of Abkhazia’s statehood;
• good level of the elections’ organization.

At the same time the last election campaign showed importance of perfecting the electoral system and practice of the elections’ organization.
The Centre for Strategic Researches considers that election struggle should start around different programs and projects of socioeconomic development of the society not between personalities. Creation of initiative groups to nominate presidential candidates in our situation, apparently, does not justify itself.
Nomination of presidential candidates by political organizations working on a permanent, professional basis seems to be more perspective.
The political situation which has arisen in connection with the last presidential elections opens new prospects for solving the problems the country faces today.

December 18, 2009




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