Statement by the Federation of Abkhaz Cultural Centers in Turkey

The Federation of Abkhaz Cultural Centers in Turkey is concerned with the published statement which was made after the meeting in Ankara by the Georgian Defense Minister Irakli Alasania and Chief of Staff of the Turkish Armed Forces, Army General Necdet Ozel on the conduction of joint military exercises.

We, the ethnic Abkhaz, but at the same time, law-abiding citizens of the Turkish Republic, are worried by the fact that Georgia – the country which in 1992 launched a bloody war against our homeland - the Republic of Abkhazia, and has so far refused to sign an agreement with Abkhazia on non-use of force, conducts military exercises and active modernization of its army. Given the bitter experience of the past years, especially in 2008, when once again all the military might of the Georgian army was sent to destroy the brotherly Ossetian people, and then to organize a Blitzkrieg in Abkhazia, we can not be sure that these exercises can not be used for the revanchist purposes today.

In this regard, we hope that the leadership of the Republic of Turkey taking such a decision considers all the possible consequences, including the possibility of a new Georgian aggression against the freedom-loving people of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

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