UNPO General Secretary congratulates Abkhazia

UNPO General Secretary congratulates Abkhazia

UNPO General Secretary Mr. Marino Busdachin statement on UNPO Member Abkhazia for their call to self-determination.

Statement by UNPO General Secretary Mr. Marino Busdachin

Every challenge to the international community brings with it new obligations and conditions which make peaceful existence possible between the people of this world. International cooperation and integration is one of the major ways in which to ensure stability and prosperity for all.

The Georgian-South Ossetian-Russian conflict has put a hold on the encouraging dialogue that started sixteen years ago between Abkhazia and Georgia which has strived for a peaceful resolution of their differences. This disaster put an end to any form of such constructive dialogue and eventually led to the adoption of a resolution by the Russian Parliament and President which confirmed the right to self-determination of the people of Abkhazia.

UNPO strongly condemns the outbreak of violence and the deliberate violation of existing agreements and International Humanitarian Law as well as the violence against civilians.

UNPO congratulates Abkhazia, for her calls for self-determination have been formally taken into consideration. With Abkhazia’s right to self-determination acknowledged starts a long and slow process which can eventually lead to the admittance of Abkhazia to the United Nations. Such an inclusive process provides safety and is a mechanism for those territories in their development to full-fledged democracies. UNPO therefore calls upon the international community to seriously take into consideration the acknowledgement of Abkhazia’s right to self-determination.

In an effort to enhance Abkhazia’s presence on the international stage, UNPO calls for an international conference for peace in the Caucasus, to engage all parties on an equal base, also given a voice to those that still remain unrepresented.

UNPO consider such an event the beginning of a mutually beneficial process for those that are not yet fully integrated into the international community and those who are. To be incorporated within a supranational framework enhances cooperation, with the goal of maintaining a community in which integration means liberation from uncertainty, persecution, war and instability.

The constructive and proactive use of the concept of the right to self-determination must be seen as an integral part of conflict prevention by the international community and as an effective means to achieve peace, stability and the advancement of International Law.

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