Meeting with the UN representative Anti Turunen was held in the Abkhazian Foreign Ministry

Today at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Abkhazia was held a meeting with the UN representative Anti Turunen. "We , as always, have something to discuss, because we are all members of a very important international forum - Geneva discussions, which are already 5 years. And we all want them to be more successful and effective. And for this consultations and discussions of various aspects of these negotiations are very important," - said the Foreign Minister Viacheslav Chirikba, welcoming Anti Turunen.

According to him, there are several important topics for discussion: "how to proceed on the key issue of discussion - the conclusion of the agreement on nonuse of force between Georgia and Abkhazia , South Ossetia and Georgia , as well as humanitarian issues, in particular the removal of barriers for citizens of Abkhazia to exercise their right to freedom of movement."

During today's meeting also was raised the issue of resumption of Gal Incident Prevention and Reaction Mechanism / IPRM /. "There are some problems for the resumption of the five-sided meeting , we will discuss them. I'm sure we can come to some kind of compromise, and as soon as possible to resume the process, " - said the head of the Foreign Ministry.

Anti Turunen , in turn, noted that today, finally, there is the opportunity to discuss issues related to the IPRM.

After the meeting, the UN official said that during the meeting , questions were raised concerning the Geneva process and IPRM . "I am pleased that the security situation is now calm and stable - said Turunen. - With regard to the continuation of the work of the IPRM, there are yet some issues to be solved. "

"In parallel with the document on the nonuse of force, we develop a document that would be in favor of the residents of Abkhazia to enjoy all the rights of free citizens. I mean visa policy and other EU countries, as well as issues of legalization of our documents abroad for those who want to study there,"- said Viacheslav Chirikba. "We insist that these problems should be solved at the international level, it is a purely humanitarian problem. We are preparing a document that would contain a call of all the participants to the Geneva discussions on removing barriers to communication of citizens of Abkhazia with the outside world,"- said the Minister. / The next round of Geneva discussions is scheduled for March 25-26 /.

In addition, he said, there are issues discussed, which are related to the resumption of Gal meetings within the IPRM. "There are some technical problems. Our goal is to renew this very important and useful process", - said Viacheslav Chirikba.

During today's meeting, he said, also were raised issues related to special measures taken by the authorities of Abkhazia, on the eve of the Olympic Games in Sochi. "Everybody understands that the Olympic games in Sochi is a very important political and sporting event and we will do everything not to allow any threat to the Olympic Games from the Abkhazian territory," - said the head of the Foreign Ministry. According to him, the shift of the security zone 11 kilometers into the territory of Abkhazia is a justified measure. "

Commenting on the statement made by the Georgian Foreign Ministry on security measures Chirikba said that it was another Georgian phobia and paranoia." "They say that the border of Abkhazia was moved, and this is wrong. There is no shift of the border. Here, there are necessary security measures undertaken due to holding of Olympic Games in the friendly neighboring country,"- said Chirikba.

Source: MFA Apsny




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