Abkhazia may accept the deployment of UN observers on its territory

SUKHUM -- Press reports stating that Abkhazia is ready to host a new mission from the UN or UN observers are far from the current political reality and reflect only theoretical possibilities or options - head of the delegation to the Geneva discussions on Abkhazia, Viacheslav Chirikba, told ApsnyPress.

As is well-known, a UN mission (UNOMIG) concluded its work in Abkhazia in 2009 following the termination of its mandate. After this, no concrete negotiations on a new UN mission Abkhazia have been undertaken.

"Abkhazia has regular contacts with the UN, especially in the format of the Geneva discussions. High UN officials have visited Abkhazia. The UN representatives are involved in the regular meetings of the joint-mechanism to prevent and respond to incidents in the Gal Region, - explained Chirikba.

He expressed the hope that "in the future, Abkhazia will become a full member of the global international community, and then it will be quite natural to find that we have full representation at the United Nations." In the meantime, talk about it is precipitate - said the head of the delegation of Abkhazia at the Geneva discussions.




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