UNICEF Has Provided The Second Batch of Aid to Medical and Social Institutions in Abkhazia

Unicef in Abkhazia

The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) has been working in Abkhazia since 1994

SUKHUM -- The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) has delivered the second batch of humanitarian aid to medical-prophylactic and socially oriented institutions in Abkhazia.

The second batch of personal protective equipment arrived in Abkhazia in August in addition to assistance provided by UNICEF in May.

The first batch of personal protective equipment was distributed to key town and district children's polyclinics, as well as to maternity hospitals and departments in all regions of Abkhazia, the second delivery was carried out directly to maternity ward of the Republican Hospital, sanitary and epidemiological services and to Gudauta Central Hospital, which is currently specializing on patients with COVID-19.

Key attention is also paid to primary link of the health care system - feldsher-obstetric points, rural and school medical posts. A significant part of the party is currently being distributed to medical posts according to the lists of district central regional hospitals to which they are attached.

In addition to medical institutions, it was transferred to social sphere institutions and organizations, including the regional offices of the Service for Social Support of Children and Families under the Ministry of Social Security and Demographic Policy, charitable public organizations "Kiaraz", "Ashana", "Panorama", child development centers, carrying out the rehabilitation and social adaptation of children with disabilities in Tkuarchal, Gal, Ochamchira and Gudauta.

UNICEF has sent humanitarian aid to a children's clinic and a maternity hospital in Abkhazia
UNICEF has sent humanitarian aid to a children's clinic and a maternity hospital in Abkhazia

In June-August 2020 the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) also conducted trainings for medical personnel on infection prevention, control, competent and effective use of personal protective equipment, as well as trainings for social workers on psycho-social help to vulnerable children and families during coronavirus pandemic.

29 thousand medical masks, 58 thousand surgical gloves, 500 gowns, 655 liters of liquid soap, 670 liters of hand sanitizer, 1085 liters of disinfectant for surface treatment, 80 pieces of non-contact thermometers were brought to Abkhazia as part of the second UNICEF's delivery in total.

The UN Children's Fund also purchased and transferred to kindergartens in Abkhazia and a number of leisure facilities disinfecting kits and non-contact thermometers in connection with lifting quarantine measures.

All purchases were carried out at the expense of UNICEF's own funds, as well as with financial support of Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) and the UK Government (DFID). The total amount of funds spent by the UN Children's Fund on the procurement of essential items amounted to about 3,500,000 rubles, including the entire volume of supplies provided by UNICEF as part of the fight against coronavirus infection.

UNICEF plans to continue providing humanitarian assistance to Abkhazia in the light of coronavirus infection, as well as to update the knowledge of workers in the field of education, medicine and social protection of population.




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