Abkhaz State University Celebrates its 44th Anniversary

Abkhaz State University

Abkhaz State University.

SUKHUM / AQW'A -- On February 5, 2023, it has been 44 years since the USSR Council of Ministers made the decision to establish Abkhaz State University.

The university had its roots in the 1932 opening of the Sukhum Pedagogical Institute named after Alexei Gorky. The transformation of the institute into ASU was authorized by the USSR Council of Ministers chairman, Alexei Kosygin, on February 5, 1979. The Pedagogical Institute was officially transformed into a university on February 13th, following the decision.

Today, the Abkhaz State University provides comfortable facilities for students to pursue their education. In 2017, the Investment Program culminated in the renovation of the ASU buildings and dormitory.

Abkhaz State University

It is now exam time at the university and both students and teachers are engaged in the winter session. Tension is palpable, as students can be seen throughout the campus, clutching their textbooks and fervently reviewing topics before the big test.

The Abkhaz State University is home to nine faculties, serving a student body of 2,468, with 318 pursuing their studies remotely and 2,105 studying full-time. The university is staffed by 470 dedicated teachers.

In 2018, the university opened a hostel for students and teachers, capable of housing over 200 individuals. The five-story building is fully equipped with modern amenities, including a recreation room on the ground floor where students can take a break from their academic pursuits. The university also offers well-appointed reading and library facilities, providing students with an optimal environment for preparing for exams.

In addition to its academic facilities, the Abkhaz State University also features a gym. However, the gym is currently undergoing renovations and is not yet available for use by athletes.

For over four decades, the university has produced a significant number of highly accomplished individuals, including politicians, statesmen, public figures, business representatives, and government employees.

The Abkhaz State University is a proud member of several prominent international academic organizations, including the Eurasian Association of Universities under the Oxford Academic Union and other international associations.




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