Aslan Bzhania Hosts Heads of Delegations from Adygea, Kabardino-Balkaria, and Karachay-Cherkessia

SUKHUM / AQW'A — President of Abkhazia, Aslan Bzhania, warmly received the Head of the Republic of Adygea, Murat Kumpilov; the Head of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic, Kazbek Kokov; and a delegation from Karachay-Cherkessia led by the Chairman of the Parliament of the Republic, Alexander Ivanov.

Representing the Abkhazian side at the meeting were Vice-President Badra Gunba, First Vice-Prime Minister Beslan Dzhopua, Head of the Presidential Administration Abesalom Kvarchia, and the Mayor of Sukhum, Beslan Eshba.

Delegations from Adygea, Kabardino-Balkaria, and Karachay-Cherkessia were in the republic to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Victory in the Patriotic War of the people of Abkhazia, which took place in 1992-1993.

President Bzhania expressed his pleasure in welcoming the guests to Abkhazia for such a momentous occasion, stating, "Welcome! You are very dear and close to us. We take pride in having true brothers in you. This sentiment is shared not only by me but by all residents of Abkhazia. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all of you. Our gathering today is tied to events that transpired thirty years ago – Victory Day. We all vividly remember and value the role played by the peoples you represent. This is yet another testament to our historical ties, our brotherhood, and our unity."

Murat Kumpilov highlighted the delegation from Adygea's delight in accepting the invitation to join the celebrations in Abkhazia. "Thirty years ago, the people of Abkhazia emerged victorious in war. Fifteen years ago, a pivotal decision was made for the people of Abkhazia, as the Russian Federation recognized the republic's independence and state sovereignty. We take pride in witnessing Abkhazia's development and progress today. We stand by you always. Aslan Bzhania sets a prime example of how we should communicate and support one another," he remarked.

Kazbek Kokov, the Head of Kabardino-Balkaria, emphasised the honour of being in Abkhazia amidst such pivotal events. "Our historical ties and brotherly relations have always united us, and we are committed to ensuring these bonds are passed on to future generations. Regarding the events thirty years ago, the valour exhibited by the Abkhazian people in defending their freedom is immeasurable. We hold immense respect for a nation that secured its freedom at the cost of its sons and daughters' lives. I aspire for peace and prosperity to flourish on this gracious land. Within our capacities, we will collaboratively advance on the path of fostering economic relations," he articulated.

Alexander Ivanov, Chairman of the Parliament of the Karachay-Cherkess Republic (KCHR), relayed congratulatory messages to Bzhania from Rashid Temrezov, the President of Karachay-Cherkess Republic. "In spirit, he is amongst us today. He requested the conveyance of the warmest congratulations and to share in the jubilation. It's known that the relations between Karachay-Cherkessia and Abkhazia are more than cordial—they are fraternal. Abkhazians and Abazins share brotherly ties. Numerous Abazins stood shoulder to shoulder with Abkhazians, fighting for Abkhazia’s freedom and independence. We resonate with the heartfelt and warm words shared by the heads of Adygea and Kabardino-Balkaria," Ivanov declared.

Ivanov underscored that the leadership of KCHR, along with its Parliament and citizens, are resolved to fortify the bonds between KCHR and Abkhazia diligently.

Marking the 30th anniversary of the Victory in the Patriotic War of the people of Abkhazia (1992-1993), Aslan Bzhania bestowed the "For Victory" medal upon Murat Ozov, the Head of Administration of the Head and Government of the KCHR.

In acknowledgment of his exemplary contributions to socio-political endeavours, fostering robust cooperation and friendship between the peoples of Karachay-Cherkess Republic and the Republic of Abkhazia, and marking the 30th anniversary of Abkhazia's Victory Day and Independence, President Aslan Bzhania was honoured with the "For Merit to the Karachay-Cherkess Republic" order, presented by Alexander Ivanov, Chairman of the Parliament of the KCHR.

Additionally, Aslan Bzhania received the "Glory of Adygea" medal in recognition of his services to the Republic of Adygea, awarded by the Head of Adygea, Murat Kumpilov.




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