Abkhazia Celebrates the 30th Anniversary of Sukhum's Liberation

SUKHUM / AQW'A — On September 27, Abkhazia marked a significant date in its history – the 30th anniversary of the liberation of its capital, Sukhum, from Georgian occupiers. A series of commemorative events took place, underscoring the resilience and unity of the Abkhazian people and their journey towards independence and sovereignty.

The President of Abkhazia, Aslan Bzhania, alongside Vice-President Badra Gunba, Prime Minister Alexander Ankvab, and Parliament Speaker Lasha Ashuba, led the remembrance ceremonies. Other distinguished attendees included Abesalom Kvarchia, Head of the Presidential Administration; Sergey Shamba, Secretary of the Security Council; Mikhail Shurgalin, Russian Ambassador to Abkhazia; deputies of Parliament; government members; war veterans; and relatives of the fallen.

At the Park of Glory in Sukhum, participants laid flowers and paid their respects to those who had sacrificed their lives for Abkhazia's freedom. The day of reflection and homage brought together a community that continues to honour its history and the heroes who shaped its future.

The liberation operation, which commenced on September 16, 1993, lasted for 12 arduous days under the leadership of Defence Minister Major General Sultan Sosnaliyev and Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Abkhazia, Major General Sergey Dbar. Abkhazian troops faced significant resistance and incurred heavy losses, but their determination and unity ultimately led to the liberation of Sukhum on September 27.

This landmark victory signified a pivotal turning point in the war against Georgian aggressors and marked the actual triumph of the Abkhazian army. In the days following the liberation, the Abkhazian forces advanced to the Ingur River, solidifying their control and raising the flag of the Republic of Abkhazia at the state border with Georgia on September 30.

The anniversary serves as a poignant reminder of Abkhazia’s journey to self-determination and the indomitable spirit of its people. It is a day of reflection on the sacrifices made, the resilience shown, and the unity forged in the pursuit of independence and sovereignty. The commemoration events fostered a sense of collective pride and reinforced the commitment to preserving the values and ideals that underpin the Republic of Abkhazia.




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