New Mobile App Launched for Learning Abkhaz Language

New Mobile App Launched for Learning Abkhaz Language

The App is available on both the App Store and Google Play.

SUKHUM / AQW'A ― The Ministry of Education of Abkhazia has announced the development of a complimentary mobile application designed to facilitate the learning of the Abkhaz language, as reported by their press service.

The ministry highlighted that the initiative received backing from the Moscow Abkhaz diaspora and involved the expertise of specialists and educators from the Bagrat Shinkuba Charitable Foundation for the Development of the Abkhaz Language and the Capital School Centre.

The app, launched on the MyJo platform, offers comprehensive language learning tools suitable for both adults and children. It provides a range of capabilities, including the development of conversational skills, reading, listening comprehension, and proficiency in writing.

The development team was spearheaded by Vakhtang Tuzhba, a prominent member of the Board of the Moscow Abkhaz Diaspora.

Tuzhba emphasised that the primary objective of this digital endeavour is to offer a user-friendly and readily accessible approach for non-speakers to learn Abkhaz. Additionally, a significant aim is to champion the widespread adoption and appreciation of the native tongue.

Employing a learning algorithm similar to that of the renowned Duolingo platform, the application promises an engaging and effective educational experience.

The MyJo application is now available for download on both the AppStore and GooglePlay, inviting users to explore the richness of the Abkhazian language at their convenience.




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