President of Abkhazia, His Delegation Arrived in Capital of Nicaragua - Managua

Today at 8:00am (Nicaraguan time) the President of Abkhazia and the delegation he heads arrived in the capital of Nicaragua — Managua. At the airport Sergey Bagapsh was met by the Foreign Minister of Nicaragua Samuel Santos Lopez. After national anthems were played, the President of Abkhazia, welcoming the Foreign Minister, said that he “is sincerely happy to arrive in the country of the heroic nation that has obtained its independence in a stubborn struggle”, the President’s Official Representative Christian Bzhania told Apsnypress upon arrival in Nicaragua.

“My visit took place thanks to the invitation of the leader of the Nicaraguan Revolution, dear President Daniel Ortega, and I am rather grateful to him for it”, Bagapsh said.

These days Nicaragua marks an anniversary of the revolution that, according to Bagapsh, became “the beginning of free and democratic development of the state”. “This path has been rather complicated. But the history testifies, there could be no other way for Nicaragua which could not remain under the oppression of the dictatorial regime and under the pressure of the United States of America”, he said.

According to Sergey Bagapsh, “the destiny of the Nicaraguan people is in many respects in tune with Abkhazia”.

“Abkhazians, having their own experience of independence and free development, have been long struggling against occupation of the country by Georgia’s fascist regime. Our struggle was crowned with the victory 17 years ago. But the path to the recognition of independence has been very complicated”, the President said. As he said, “Abkhazia is still pressed by the USA and Europe, and it is too bad they do not understand senselessness of this pressure”.

The head of state expressed gratitude “to the great Russia and the countries which have supported independence of Abkhazia”.

“President Daniel Ortega who has gone through the trials and tribulations with his nation”, made, according to Bagapsh, “a very important decision for the future of Abkhazia”.

This visit, according to him, “is connected with the necessity of establishing close contacts with Nicaraguan friends”.

Bagapsh emphasized that “Abkhazia and Nicaragua will conclude important cooperation agreements, but it only the first step”. The head of Abkhazia thanked President Ortega and the people of Nicaragua for their support and invitation to “this beautiful, heroic country”.

From July 17 till July 21 Sergey Bagapsh will pay a visit to Nicaragua where he will meet with President Daniel Ortega and members of the government. The President of Abkhazia will take part in the celebrations dedicated to the anniversary of the Nicaraguan Revolution

From July 21 till July 23 he will pay a visit to Venezuela where he is to meet with President Hugo Chavez.

Sergey Bagapsh's visits to Nicaragua and Venezuela are paid on the invitation of presidents - Daniel Ortega and Hugo Chavez.

Within the framework of the state visit agreements on friendship and cooperation, as well as a whole range of other documents are to be singed, the President’s Official Representative Christian Bzhania told Apsnypress on the phone.

The Abkhaz delegation headed by the President also includes the Defense Minister Mirab Kishmaria, the Minister of Economy Christina Ozgan, the Minister for Foreign Affairs Maxim Gvindzhia, the Chairman of the National Bank Illarion Argun, the first deputy head of the Presidential Administration Zurab Kadzhaya, the President’s Official Representative Christian Bzhania, the President’s aide Noshrevan Chachba, etc.




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