Foreign Minister Maxim Gvindzhia Considers Abkhazia's Position at Geneva Talks Constructive

Maxim Gvindzhia

SUKHUM -- The position of Abkhazia has always been constructive, we have always sought to continue  participating in the Geneva discussions on security and stability in Transcaucasia in spite of the fact that Georgia puts obstacles in the way of developing and signing a document on the non-use of force and non-renewal of war until now, the Foreign Minister of Abkhazia Maxim Gvindzhia said today at a news conference in the Association of mass-media employees of the Republic of Abkhazia. 

According to him, after the latest, eleventh round of discussions and the polemics that has taken place there, the Abkhaz party is under the impression that Georgia will not sign the document, and the international mediators will not insist it should sign this very important document.  

“We also have a feeling that Geneva talks moderators, in particular in humanitarian issues panel, try to ignore purposefully the Abkhaz party's arguments on the refugees problem, the raising of a blockade, humanitarian aid, and so on”, Gvindzhia added.  

According to the Foreign Ministry head, co-moderators tried to impose an unacceptable document on the Abkhaz and South Ossetian parties and Sukhum and Tshinval representatives had to walk out the meeting. “Otherwise it would mean we agreed with the proposed document”, he said. 

“We are under the impression that our arguments remain unheard, the principal item on the agenda, regarding security, has been sidelined, and some minor items which have nothing to do with maintenance of long-term stability and secuirty in the region has come to the foreground”, Maxim Gvindzhia declared.  

He added that throughout the 16 post-war years and during the negotiations, Abkhazia had tried to persuade Georgia and the countries backing it up that it was risky to build trust or strengthen measures of trust in the situation of instability and possibility of a new armed conflict. 

“We still insist on signing a document on the non-renewal of hostilities as it is a basis of security”, the head of the Foreign Ministry added. 

In spite of the fact that many doubt the expediency of Geneva discussions, Maxim Gvindzhia nevertheless believes them to be  a place where Abkhazia can bring its position to the attention of the international community. 

The Minister emphasized that for the next twelfth round of Geneva discussions Abkhazia was likely to ask moderators to specify concrete items on the agenda.




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