Sergey Bagapsh Delivered Annual Message to Parliament about the Country and Foreign Policy

SUKHUM -- The President Sergey Bagapsh delivered to the Parliament on Thursday June 11 the annual “Message on the situation in the country, on basic orientations of the state’s internal and foreign policy”.

The Head of the State mentioned that the present address “takes place under the circumstances absolutely different from the previous ones - our independence has gained international recognition”.

“Century-old national liberation struggle of the Abkhaz people has been crowned with success! We have come to it step by step, through unbelievable difficulties, losing sons and daughters of Apsny along the severe path, through repressions and restriction of the rights of our compatriots, but we have never lost hope, have not kneeled. The state system, political systems, elites have changed, but there have been one invariable thing– an unbending will of the Abkhaz to freedom”, S. Bagapsh said.

According to the President, the recognition of independence of Abkhazia by Russia and Nicaragua has become “a new critical stage not only in the history of the Abkhaz state, but has also considerably affected the course of global processes and the world policy”.

Among the priorities of the foreign policy of Abkhazia the President named achievement of a wide international recognition and development of mutually advantageous political and economic contacts. At the same time he also mentioned that “the process of a universal political recognition of our state will not be easy, and in the future we will have to focus even more effort on the search and establishment of mutually advantageous political and economic contacts with the leadership and public organizations of the countries which share fair aspiration of the people of Abkhazia to sovereignty”.

In the message the appreciation is given to the development of interdepartmental relations between Russia and Abkhazia which, according to Bagapsh, “are being brought up to a new level”.

“We also co-ordinate jointly (with Russia - Apsnypress) actions on the international scene, in particular, in the United Nations and the United Nations Security Council. The Russian Federation delegation in the United Nations continues to promote actively possible participation of an Abkhazia representative at consulting sessions of the Security council, however the USA continue to block participation of the Abkhaz party in this session”, the President underlined.

S. Bagapsh considers important “to intensify active contacts with the Latin American countries for which the recognition of independence of Abkhazia by Nicaragua could become an impulse for further actions”.

The Abkhaz diplomacy continues a policy of strengthening relations with representatives of Diaspora abroad

The Abkhaz diplomacy continues a policy of strengthening relations with representatives of Diaspora abroad: in Turkey, the Middle East countries and Europe, the President Sergey Bagapsh declared delivering to the Parliament the annual message on the situation in the country.

“The Middle East orientation has been strengthened, in particular, in Jordan. Today a trade mission of Abkhazia which will become a resource centre for investors in Middle East countries has been created in this country. Work in the Syrian direction as well as in Dubai and Abu-Dhabi has been livened up”, the President informed.

According to the Head of the State, use of potential of the Abkhaz-Abasin Diaspora representatives living abroad, intensifying contacts with them “can have a positive impact on the process of further recognition of independence of Abkhazia”, overcoming information isolation and unbiased coverage of the events taking place in the republic, change of the attitude to Abkhazia and improvement of its image abroad.




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