Beslan Agrba: "Three-Month Programme of Financial Support for Abkhazian Medics in the Fight Against COVID-19 Has Been Fully Implemented"

Beslan Agrba

In early October, in response to a request from the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Abkhazia, Beslan Agrba, head of the Moscow Abkhazian Diaspora and trustee of the Amshra Charitable Foundation, launched a programme of financial support for the medical staff operating in the Gudauta COVID hospital.

Beslan Agrba noted: "To date, the three-month programme of financial support for Abkhazian doctors in the fight against COVID-19 has been fully implemented." This Programme was designed to run for the period 1 October to 31 December 2020 and included monthly incentive cash surcharges for medical teams formed from employees of various medical institutions in the country and involved in the work of the Gudauta COVID Hospital. Also, within the framework of the Programme, monthly payments were made to peripatetic doctors who provide remote consulting assistance to patients with COVID-19 in Sukhum.

All organisational work, support and coordination of the Programme were carried out jointly by representatives of the Moscow Abkhazian Diaspora and the Charitable Foundation “Abkhaz Public Development Fund Amshra”.

The total total amount of financial assistance provided by Beslan Agrba to medical personnel amounted to 5,879,000 roubles. This assistance was targeted and covered 361 physicians involved in the work of the “red zone” of the Gudauta COVID Hospital, including resuscitators, general practitioners, laboratory doctors, radiologists, nurses, sanitary workers, ambulance drivers, and 22 peripatetic doctors in Sukhum. The entire team of 14 employees, the only Republican sanitary-bacteriological laboratory in Abkhazia, also received one-time assistance in December within the framework of the Programme.

The medical teams involved in the work of the Gudauta COVID hospital and receiving financial assistance under the Programme were formed from employees of the following medical institutions in Abkhazia:
1. Central Regional Hospital of Gudauta - 126 persons.
2. Republican hospital (Sukhum) - 70 persons.
3. Sukhum City Clinical Hospital - 28 persons.
4. Central Regional Hospital Tkuarchal - 24 persons.
5. Central Regional Hospital of Gulripsh - 19 persons.
6. Central Regional Hospital of Gal city - 16 persons.
7. Central Regional Hospital of Gagra - 9 persons.
8. Republican TB Dispensary (Sukhum) - 6 persons.
9. Central military hospital of the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Abkhazia - 5 persons.
10. Regional children's hospital (Sukhum) - 5 persons.
11. Republican Specialised Psychiatric Hospital (Sukhum) - 3 persons.
12. National Cancer Centre (Sukhum) - 3 persons.
13. Sukhum Medical College - 3 persons.
14. Central Regional Hospital of Ochamchira - 2 persons.
15. Children's polyclinic (Sukhum) - 2 persons.
16. Republican dermato-venerological dispensary (Sukhum) - 2 persons.
17. Polyclinic in Sukhum - 1 person.
We express our sincere gratitude to all medical personnel of Abkhazia, who every day, risking their health and their lives, fight for the lives of our loved ones and for the health of our entire people in this unprecedented fight against COVID-19.

Addressing the entire population of Abkhazia, we ask each of you to be responsible and observe restrictive measures not only for yourself, but also for the sake of the lives of other people, to help doctors in their selfless struggle for our health, so that as soon as possible we can all get the better of this disease together and without fear look towards our common future.

Be healthy and take care of yourself and your loved ones!

The Moscow Abkhazian Diaspora
Charitable foundation "AMSHRA"




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