'Aruaa' Opposes the Apartment Law, Citing Risk to National Identity

"Aruaa" contends that the proposed apartment law endangers Abkhazia's national security and ethno-political stability.

SUKHUM / AQW'A —  Veteran civil organisation "Aruaa," comprised of veterans, argues that the proposed apartment law poses a grave threat to national security. They vehemently assert that this legislation should not be tabled for consideration by the parliament.

Members of the opposition have petitioned the chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on State-Legal Policy. They express grave concerns that an artificial population increase in Abkhazia could severely disrupt the ethno-political equilibrium in the country.

The statement from “Aruaa” emphasises the role of the Abkhazians as the foundational ethnicity and custodians of state sovereignty. The organisation warns that tampering with the demographic composition of the nation could have catastrophic repercussions.

The statement points to historical precedence, noting: In our history, there have already been examples of resettlement of representatives of other nationalities, which led to tragic events when, in 1992, Abkhazians made up 17% of the total population.”

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As a proactive measure, “Aruaa” suggests that attention should be turned toward overhauling public administration. The organisation contends that preparations for a population census are imperative. This would allow for an accurate assessment of Abkhazia’s populace and its ethnic makeup, and the development of a requisite legal framework to tackle the demographic issues confronting the Abkhaz people.

The statement poignantly remarks, “What has been secured through the sacrifices and bloodshed of war, and what has been safeguarded during the trying post-war years, must not be frittered away or bartered.”

“Aruaa” maintains that the passage of the apartment law, which includes provisions on aparthotels, would render the sacrifices of the national liberation struggle futile, undermining the pursuit of self-determination.

The statement concludes with a sombre reflection, “The blood that has been shed, and the cause for which the finest sons and daughters of Abkhazia have been laid to rest, would be rendered meaningless.”

It is important to note that on July 6, president Bzhania, while engaging with members of the Public Chamber, underscored the urgency of passing the bill.




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