Diaspora Veterans Stand Against Proposed Abkhazia Property Law

Abkhaz / Circassian veterans from diaspora

SUKHUM / AQW'A — Uniting in a significant show of solidarity, sixty veterans from Turkey's Abkhaz/Circassian diaspora, who bravely fought in the patriotic war of the people of Abkhazia (1992-1993), have publicly expressed their concerns about the proposed 'Apartment Law'."

The veterans have issued a heartfelt appeal in response to the controversial "On Apartments" bill under consideration in the People's Assembly of Abkhazia. The proposed bill, which potentially allows all foreigners the right to property ownership in Abkhazia, is seen as a significant threat to the nation's demographic balance and cultural heritage.

The English translation of their full statement reads as follows:

According to legend, God presented us Abkhazians with a land that was initially meant for Himself. Hence, defending this homeland is not only our sacred duty but also our highest honour," says Vladislav Ardzinba – the first President and Commander-in-Chief of the Republic of Abkhazia.

We extend our message to the esteemed President of Abkhazia, Bzhania A. G.:

We echo the anxieties of the Abkhaz people related to the "On Apartments" bill under consideration in the People's Assembly of Abkhazia. This bill, granting all foreigners the right to property ownership, threatens to imbalance Abkhazia's demographic equilibrium.

The Abkhaz community and we share fears that this law's enactment could detrimentally impact our language and culture, potentially leading to severe repercussions in the immediate future.

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With this in mind, we stand in solidarity with the numerous public organizations calling for the bill's withdrawal. We openly express our support for these organizations and wholeheartedly share their concerns. We pray for the divine providence to bestow our people the strength, honour, and ability to safeguard our sacred homeland, independence, flag, language, and culture for future generations. The Almighty has entrusted us with this country, which the Abkhaz people have fiercely protected against all forms of attacks and invasions throughout history.

Our fight will persist until we fulfil our ultimate life's goal: the revival of our language and culture, and a world where the souls of our fallen brethren, those who valiantly fought for independence, can finally rest in peace. We demand our voices be heard, for we mourn the lives we've lost in our struggle for freedom.

May God grant all peoples freedom and happiness, and may He never lose sight of our homeland, Abkhazia. [Abkhaz saying -ed.] 

Let us never forget the price paid for our land's liberty!

This is an appeal from sixty veterans of the patriotic war of the people of Abkhazia of 1992-1993.

Ahmet Barcin
Ali Asba
Alper Abginba
Arda Argun
Aslan Thastikua
Aydin Thazepl
Aydin Trako
Bahri Ceniya
Bahtiyar Kopsirgen
Bekir Asba
Burhan Kilba
Edip Dagistanli
Ender Ayuzba
Ercument Lazariya
Erdogan Mid
Erhan Culahoa
Erkal Abigba
Erkan Kutarba
Ersin Cokua
Faruk Gabliya
Ferit Agirba
Ferruh Ahba
Gurcan Khraca
Hacarat Tsugba
Hute Unal
Imdat Agosba
Janberk Takh
Kazim Kuacaa
Kuadzba Yavuz
Kudret Cegem
Mehmet Aguhaa
Mehmet Sijaje
Muhammed Gabliya
Muharrem Ketuka
Muharrem Trisba
Munir Dzokhua
Muzaffer Cokua
Nadir Halbad
Nasir Agirba
Nizam Butba
Okan Kucba
Olcay Asba
Omer Cusba
Omer Mukba
Osman Samba
Ozcan Cokua
Ozgur Keacba
Resul Aşkhariwa
Ridvan Agirba
Samil Yasba
Sedat Thamzako
Selcuk Natkho
Sezgin Cugipa
Turhan Kancesu
Umit Keacba
Vedat Sora
Yavuz Trisba
Yilmaz Zuhba
Yusuf Bic
Zahit Liguase





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