KAFFED Expresses Concern Over Abkhazia's Proposed 'Apartment Law'

KAFFED on Abkhazia's  Proposed 'Apartment Law'

KAFFED is Turkey's largest North Caucasian organisation.

SUKHUM / AQW'A — The Federation of Caucasian Associations (KAFFED) has issued an important statement expressing their serious concerns about the proposed "Apartment Law" in Abkhazia. Tracking the recent debates and developments, the organization highlights the potential risks this legislation could pose to the sovereignty, citizenship rights, and demographic balance of Abkhazia.

The statement resonates with their unwavering commitment to an independent and sovereign Abkhazia and an urgent call to action for respecting the rights and needs of the Abkhaz people.

The translation of the full statement reads as follows:

Statement Regarding the Draft Law Known as "Apartment Law" in Abkhazia

We are closely following the recent developments and debates in Abkhazia around the Draft Law on the Legal Status of Aparthotels and Apartments. Given the legal opinions we've consulted, along with our trusted sources within Abkhazia, we find ourselves aligned with the concerns and apprehensions expressed by both the Abkhaz public and the diaspora about this proposal. The draft law could potentially threaten Abkhazia's sovereignty, citizenship rights, and demographic balance by potentially enabling new settlements, thus altering Abkhazia's current demographics to the detriment of the Abkhaz people.

The Federation of Caucasian Associations' stance and position on the legal and political status of Abkhazia are clear; we have always been in favour of a fully 'independent and sovereign Abkhazia' and have conducted our activities accordingly. One of the main issues for the Abkhaz people, who were turned into a minority in their own homeland through policies of war, exile, and repression not too long ago, is the 'demographic threat'. It is crucial that every step taken be shaped in accordance with this reality. Indeed, there is a direct correlation between the demographic character of Abkhazia and its political future.

In this context, we would first like to express our expectation for a satisfactory explanation on the said draft law, addressing the entire diaspora, to shed light on the ongoing debates by Abkhazian government sources for several days. While we understand the need for Abkhazia's efforts to generate economic resources and attract capital, we believe that it is unacceptable to legitimize any steps that have the potential to threaten two vital elements such as "land and demography" with any economic motive. We believe that the justified objections of the public should be taken into account and the efforts to legislate in its current form should be abandoned as soon as possible.

Respectfully announced to the public.




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