Disaster Aftermath: Comprehensive Update on the Situation in the Gagra District

Heavy rains on the morning of July 9 led to widespread flooding in the affected area.

Heavy rains on the morning of July 9 led to widespread flooding in the affected area.

SUKHUM / AQW'A —  Gagra district's administration convened on July 9th to address the ongoing issues in the wake of a recent natural disaster. The primary objective of the meeting was to formulate an effective strategy for disaster management and restoration of infrastructure.

According to Adamur Tsishba, the first deputy head of the Gagra district administration, the roads within Gagra and the bypass section of the regional highway have been successfully cleared, allowing for the resumption of vehicular traffic.

Tsishba added that the meeting, led by the district head Yuri Khagush, involved state institution officials and village chiefs. As part of the discussions, a plan was agreed upon to deploy heavy equipment from the early hours of the following day. This effort primarily aims to address the severe damages to roads, particularly in the villages of Bzybta, Psakhara, and Ldzaa. The latter suffered the most, with numerous houses inundated by floodwaters.

"While we can confirm that many homes have been affected, we are yet to ascertain the exact number. The village heads are expected to provide updated data by tomorrow," Tsishba explained.

Restoring road traffic and mitigating the disaster's impact on the region's infrastructure are top priorities, according to Tsishba. Personnel from related agencies are spearheading these tasks with the assistance of local inhabitants. The restoration efforts will incorporate eight tractors and roughly 15 trucks.

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"Subsequent to these efforts, we will conduct door-to-door visits to assess the situation. It is crucial to thoroughly understand the situation on the ground. We are yet to have a complete picture," Tsishba continued. "Water supply in Gagra has been restored, though the pump station in Psakhara was flooded."

While electricity has been restored across most of Gagra, Abazgaa Street remains without power due to flooded transformers. This problem persists as water ingress continues to affect power facilities faster than it can be pumped out. The village of Ldzaa also remains without power.

Tsishba confirmed no reports of casualties thus far. He assured that the authorities are prepared to arrange water supply for residents if required.

Countrywide Beach Closure Proposed in Response to Adverse Weather Conditions

The Minister of Tourism, Teimuraz Khishba, has proposed a temporary nationwide closure of all beaches. This drastic measure is being considered in light of recent weather conditions that have significantly increased the risk to both residents and visitors of the country.

"I find it necessary to close all beaches for a certain period," asserted Khishba. He underlined that this is an extreme but critical precaution to safeguard the wellbeing of the populace and guests in the country. While the situation is not deemed critical at present, the minister emphasized the importance of vigilant monitoring.

Khishba expressed regret that, despite repeated warnings, beachgoers continue to ignore the evident risks and indulge in sea activities amidst the turbulent weather. He called for adherence to safety guidelines and cooperation with authorities to mitigate potential hazards.




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