About 1100 Houses Flooded in Gagra District

Flooded Homes and Disaster Recovery Efforts Underway in Gagra District

Flooded Homes and Disaster Recovery Efforts Underway in Gagra District.

SUKHUM / AQW'A —  Following heavy rainfall, approximately 1,100 households in the Gagra district of Abkhazia have experienced flooding. The district's head, Yuri Khagush, informed President Aslan Bzhania about the situation during his inspection tour. He reported that three villages, one township, and parts of Gagra city have been affected.

Local officials alongside village heads are assessing the condition of the homes, though a comprehensive evaluation of the damage is still pending. "In addition to the flooded homes, roads in the villages, several state institutions, and about 250 vehicles have been damaged," reported Khagush.

Efforts Towards Damage Control and Infrastructure Restoration

From July 10th, the Abkhazian Emergency Services (MES) has been actively working to mitigate the effects of the disaster in the Gagra district. The department's press service reports that no extraordinary situations have arisen by the morning, and rescuers are currently pumping water from residential buildings and basements.

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Specialists from the central department have joined the efforts of the Gagra MES team. In addition, specialized machinery has been deployed since the early morning to aid in flood damage remediation. As of now, 17 trucks and six tractors are involved in the operation, some of which are provided by residents offering their assistance.

Road and Railway Recovery and Power Restoration Amidst Aftermath

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Abkhazia announced that vehicular movement in Gagra district has been completely restored. The Ministry clarified that while no restrictions have been imposed on the central route or in the city of Gagra, ongoing clearance work by special machinery might require vehicles to detour around these areas.

Access to Bzyb Gorge, however, remains closed due to ongoing disaster recovery efforts. The Abkhazian railway also continues its efforts to clear railway tracks. Rising water levels in some areas washed away gravel from the tracks, while a landslide in another location caused several trees to fall across the railway. The expected timeline for restoration of the railway has not been communicated.

Meanwhile, the regional power company "Chernomorenergo" plans to partially restore power in Gagra within the day. However, before this can happen, all remaining water needs to be pumped out, with multi-storey buildings being prioritized.

The situation is more challenging in the villages. For instance, in Ldzaa, a 1.5-kilometer stretch of power lines has been completely destroyed. Power company workers are now restoring the transmission towers to supply electricity to the population, as reported to the President of Abkhazia by Aslan Ayba, the head of the Gagra branch of "Chernomorenergo".




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