Storm Warning Declared in Gagra

Local authorities have declared a storm warning, placing the Gagra region in a state of heightened alert.Local authorities have declared a storm warning, placing the Gagra region in a state of heightened alert.

Local authorities have declared a storm warning, placing the Gagra region in a state of heightened alert.

SUKHUM / AQW'A — Gagra region is on high alert following the declaration of a storm warning by local authorities. While other areas of Abkhazia have not yet received similar alerts, the local rescue department is urging residents to avoid seaside strolls due to the increased risk of tornadoes, and to reconsider any planned trips to the mountainous regions.

This critical update was issued by the press service of Gagra's district administration. Additionally, the Ministry of Emergency Situations in Abkhazia has advised residents to limit their travel and avoid unnecessary outdoor activities.

Abkhazia was hard-hit by extreme weather on Sunday, July 9th, with Gagra enduring the brunt of the impact. Torrential downpours resulted in over 1,100 homes being inundated, with some areas suffering railway washouts, leaving many citizens without power or water.

The adverse weather continued into July 10th, affecting more regions. Flooding was reported in Sukhum's streets, and approximately ten households were affected in both the Ochamchira and Gulripshi districts. The village of Agaraki in the Gudauta district was significantly impacted, while in the Gal district, fallen trees disrupted power lines to the local canal hydroelectric power station.

In response to this widespread devastation, the government of Abkhazia has established a Republican Disaster Response Headquarters. The formation of this critical body was announced by President Aslan Bzhania following an inspection trip to the severely affected Gagra region.

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Appointed as the head of the headquarters is Prime Minister Alexander Ankvab. He expressed deep concern over the significant damage to essential infrastructure, private homes, and the resort facilities. Ankvab admitted that the extent of the material damage is yet to be fully assessed.

"The disaster disrupted our communication lines, damaged sections of our roads, and brought a halt to railway communication with the Russian Federation," the Prime Minister stated. "However, in this crisis, our primary concern remains the lives and health of our citizens. Our utmost priority is to ensure nobody is harmed."

The newly formed headquarters will spearhead the coordination of government services working to alleviate the aftermath of the floods. President Bzhania has ordered a full mobilisation of resources from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, and the Ministry of Defence to aid district administrations, the Ministry of Tourism, and other affected structures. The Ministry of Health has been tasked with identifying individuals who, due to the flooding, may require medical assistance.




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