Every New Year gives hope for better future - Abkhazia’s president

SUKHUM --  Every day gives new beginning, every new year gives a true hope for better future, Abkhazia’s President Alexander Ankvab told the nation in his New Year address.

“2011 is going to history. Like always in cases of the kind, each of us recaps personal and social successes and failures, and sometimes also big losses, analyses life of the country in the previous year. This big loss for the entire society, for Abkhazia was the decease of our President Sergei Vasilyevich Bagapsh. For all of us this was both a shock and a very tragic event, which every citizen of this country took very closely,” Ankvab said.

The New Year holiday “lets us think about the past and about hopes for future,” he continued. “With the big living experience, we all are happy about any kind event or holiday, this emerges our more deep feelings – the feelings of involvement and pride for this country, for keeping heritage of our predecessors, ethnic and religious variety of our society. We were together to protect our Fatherland, we were together to heal the deep wounds, and together we are bringing the country to its new victories.”

Acknowledging the evident progress of the post-war years and of the past year, he highlighted the “personal input of those who have done so much for improvement of the country by achievements in science, arts, sports and in many other spheres.”

“The feeling of festive unanimity on the New Year night let us remind ourselves that we should never forget about the complicated fate of our many citizens, that we should react adequately to demands of those who may be in poor conditions. Abkhazia’s society does not have any other way towards future,” the president said.

“The only way to live lives with dignity is to act according to human sense, to try looking into future before undertaking anything,” he continued. “We should act so that every day given by God brought positive results, and the years becoming decades develop the firmness of our state. This is necessary for us to counteract new challenges and to use correctly the opportunities, the fate gives to us. Happy New Year!”

The president wished health and wellbeing to all citizens of Abkhazia.

Sukhum (Photo by Tengiz Tarba)




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