A North Caucasian Etymological Dictionary, by Sergei Starostin (Ed.)

Sergei Starostin (1953 – 2005)

A North Caucasian Etymological DictionaryA North Caucasian Etymological Dictionary
Author: Sergei Starostin (Editor)
Year: 1994
Publisher: Asterisk Publishers
Place of Publication: Moscow, Russia
Number of pages: 199
Language: English

The present work is not the first comparative dictionary of North Caucasian languages (for East Caucasian cf. Leksika 1971, Khaidakov 1973; for part of West Caucasian see Kuipers 1975), but certainly the first etymological dictionary with systematic reconstructions. See the "Introduction" below for the outline of North Caucasian classification and comparative phonology.

The dictionary is an outprint from a computer database on North Caucasian languages, which actually is a system of interrelated database files on every subgroup of North Caucasian languages.

The full book in PDF can be downloaded by clicking here (767 KB)




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