CCI of Abkhazia took part in the international exhibition in Prague

The Abkhazian stand was presented at the international tourist exhibition Holiday World Top Gastro & Hotel.

PRAGUE -- The delegation of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Abkhazia, led by its President Gennady Gagulia, took part in the international tourist exhibition "Holliday World Top Gastro & Hotel". 

As the CCI noted, Abkhazia was represented at the exhibition as a new tourist route in the world tourism business. Representatives of tourist companies from Poland, Thailand, Sudan, Slovenia, Montenegro, Slovakia, Malta, USA, Australia, China, Indonesia, Palestine, Mexico, Turkey, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Peru, Bulgaria and others took part in the exhibition. Most of the exhibitors presented stands with the support of national ministries of tourism and embassies in the Czech Republic. 

The Abkhaz delegation stressed that on the first day of exhibition the pressure of the Georgian Embassy of Georgia in the Czech Republic on the Ministry of Regional Development of the Czech Republic and the administration of the exhibition demanded to close the Abkhazian pavilion. Nevertheless, such pressure of the Georgian side proved to be a failure. To prevent the provocations announced by representatives of the Georgian diaspora living in Prague, the exhibition management provided the Abkhaz delegation with official protection for the full working day of the exhibition opening. 
The colourful Abkhazian pavilion aroused great interest among exhibitors and visitors. Many shared pleasant memories of visiting Abkhazia during the Soviet period. The guests of the pavilion tasted with pleasure the famous Abkhazian wines, chacha, cognac, tea, honey, ajinjuh, jams, which were presented to the exhibition by Trading House "Rubin", individual entrepreneurs Tatiana Ardzheniya - "Akhcharakh" and Eldar Shokhin - "Gifts of Abkhazia" , Kamila Kvitsinia and others. Of special demand was Abkhaz adjika. Moreover, visitors regretted the lack of supplies of Abkhaz products to Prague. The printed production of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Abkhazia in the Czech language prepared for the exhibition with information about the tourist, agricultural and investment potential of the Republic of Abkhazia also aroused great interest. Also, specially for the exhibition was developed a memo "How to get to Abkhazia", which was in great demand. According to representatives of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Abkhazia, preparation for the exhibition in Prague was conducted during the year. 
There were also held business meetings. Representatives of many travel agencies expressed interest in cooperation with the goal of developing foreign tourism. Specialists lamented the lack of advertising and misinformation distributed by Georgian embassies and diasporas in foreign countries. An exchange of contacts was held with the aim of concluding contracts for the supply of Abkhazian products. 

In addition, the Abkhazian pavilion was officially visited by the Russian Trade Representative in the Czech Republic, Sergey Stupar. And also, on behalf of the Russian embassy in the Czech Republic, the first secretary of the embassy Alexander Movchan became the guest of the pavilion. 
It is emphasized that the delegation of the CCI of Abkhazia considers participation in the exhibition to be very successful. "Such kind of events contribute to the image and popularization of the Republic of Abkhazia at the international level," - the message says.




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