Nugzar Ashuba: The people of Abkhazia made a conscious choice

SUKHUM -- Acting President of Abkhazia Nugzar Ashuba believes that in the presidential election held August 26 the people of Abkhazia made a conscious choice. "Yesterday, no one lost. Yesterday, we all won,"  said Ashuba today, speaking at the Information Center of the CEC.

He congratulated the people of Abkhazia with the victory. According to Ashuba, the people won the elections, which was held on the third anniversary of the recognition of Abkhazia's independence. Ashuba thanked all of the observers and journalists who traveled to Abkhazia to observe and to report the presidential elections.

The Acting President was satisfied that the candidates showed tolerance and respect to each other and to their people, and people showed sincere feelings for the candidates.

"Today, many experts say that Abkhazia passed another exam, and it is absolutely true. We - a resurgent nation, we are building a state, even though our state traditions have their roots deep in the antiquity. We have never been divided as a people and this was particularly evident yesterday. Our population showed we are building our state skillfully.  Congratulations to all on this victory" said Ashuba.

"The three candidates  were the best representatives of our people.  Had we chosen any of them, we would be proud of his accomplishments.  But the people made their choice.  I think all of the candidates and their supporters will be needed to continue to build our state professionally."

He urged everyone to rally around the idea of building a democratic state. "The elections were held not at the expense of our citizens' rights, we treat all of our citizens with due respect and attention"  said Ashuba.

According to Ashuba, much in Abkhazia has been done to build democratic institutions, although much still remains to be done. About the elections, he went on to say  "A real election was held in Abkhazia on August 26 and the people had a choice."

The Acting President noted that the electoral legislation of Abkhazia is constantly being improved, and that the election was free of tampering.




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