Turkish Language Society (TDK) Releases Abkhaz-Turkish Dictionary

ANKARA — The Turkish Language Society (TDK - Türk Dil Kurumu), in collaboration with the Federation of Caucasian Associations (KAFFED), has published the "Turkish-Abkhaz and Abkhaz-Turkish Dictionary" for sale following a process initiated in 2021.

During discussions between Yıldız Şekerci, the former President of KAFFED, and Prof. Dr. Gürer Gülsevin, the President of the Turkish Language Society at the time, an agreement was reached to prepare and publish dictionaries for both the Circassian and Abkhaz languages. Subsequently, the Circassian dictionary had been published earlier.

The Abkhaz-Turkish dictionary, prepared under the coordination of KAFFED's Abkhazia Working Group and authored by Ahochba İrfan Okuyucu, underwent a review to meet the standards of the Turkish Language Society. Gunda Ankuab and Bekir Hapat contributed to the official review process of the book.

The dictionaries have been officially printed by TDK in accordance with formal procedures. KAFFED has stated, "These dictionaries will undoubtedly receive the attention they deserve within our community and non-governmental organisations, marking an important democratic achievement."





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