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A politician from the category of “inconvenient”, by Alexander Krylov
Former Abkhaz President Dies After Protracted Illness, by Liz Fuller
Sitting in Limbo, by Nadir Bitiev, Marino Busdachin and Graeme Wood
Georgia's fine, lofty, useless strategy, by George Hewitt [The Guardian]
Dependence Day, by Tom Balmforth
Day of non-identical twins: Kosovo, Abkhazia... by Andrei Fedyashin
Between Russia and the West: Turkey as an Emerging Power and the Case of Abkhazia, by Laurent Vinatier
The Canute Syndrome, by George Hewitt
Georgia Unveils 'Strategy On Occupied Territories', by Liz Fuller
Testing the Waters, by Tom Balmforth
New Abkhazia – South Ossetia “Opening” of Georgia?, by Mitat Çelikpala
Why I Apologize To Abkhaz People, by Ucha Nanuashvili
Post-election Bagapsh Policies in Abkhazia, by Hasan Kanbolat
Who are the Mingrelians? Language, Identity and Politics in Western Georgia, by Laurence Broers
Window on Eurasia: Abkhazia Vote Challenges Republic’s Supporters as Well as Its Opponents
Abkhaz Society Increasingly Polarized On Eve Of Presidential Ballot - RFE/RL
Abkhazia - The Black Sea Region's Best Kept Secret, by Bruce Talley
Electing Autonomy, by Sergei Markedonov
A reply to EDITORIAL: 'Bulldogging Georgia' - The Washington Times (22 Oct. 2009)
A “damning” verdict on Russia? A reply from Asida Lomia and Liudmila Sagaria
Abkhazia will succeed, by President Sergei Bagapsh
Clarity in the Caucasus? The Facts and Future of the 2008 Russian-Georgian War, by Charles King
Europe must stand up for Abkhazia and S. Ossetia: 'Response to recent correspondence in The Guardian'
Saakashvili, Falling Star, by Jeremy Druker
The EU Report: Little and Late, by Patrick Armstrong
The saviour of Georgia? by Neal Ascherson
Black Sea Wars, by Patrick J. Buchanan
Window on Eurasia: Might Turkey be the Next Country to Recognize Abkhazia?
The International Legal Status of the Republic of Abkhazia In the Light of International Law, by Viacheslav Chirikba
Recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia: Role of Context, by Sergey Markedonov
Abkhazia, Georgia, and history: a response, by George Hewitt
Georgia on everybody’s mind: the aftermath of war, by Ronald Grigor Suny
The west's moral failure over Georgia, by Sergei Bagapsh and Eduard Kokoity
Abkhazia’s Independence: What Will Moscow Say? by Aleksander B. Krylov
Abkhazia: the Independence Paid For by Sufferings, by Aleksander B. Krylov
Stalin’s Downgrading of Abkhazia from Union Republic Status Decried, by Paul Goble
Caucasus Analytical Digest: No.7: Abkhazia
A Reply to Svante Cornell’s Daily Telegraph Article (16 June 2009), by George Hewitt
The Legal Case for Russian Intervention in Georgia by Nicolai N. Petro
What Obama Should Learn From the Past?
Abkhazia and Georgia: Time for Reassessment, by George Hewitt
Abkhaz Future Free of Georgian Domination, by Yanal Kazan
State-Legal Relations Between Abkhazia and Georgia
A Long Road to Peace, By Roland Oliphant
Georgia's Murky Motives: Saakashvili under Pressure from EU Probe, by Uwe Klussmann
Bush’s Dangerous Game in the South Caucasus, by Sheldon Richman
Crisis in the Caucasus: A Unified Timeline, August 7-16, 2008, by Dr. Nicolai N. Petro
Obituary: Yuri Voronov, by George Hewitt - The Independent (London) , Sep 15, 1995
Abkhazia’s Statehood in the Post-Soviet Period, by T. M. Shamba, A. U. Neproshin
The Failed State of Georgia, by Tsotne Bakuria



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