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How Obama Can Reform Russia Policy, by Anatol Lieven
A Chance to Join the World, by Neal Ascherson
The Kosovo precedent, by Shaun Walker
Georgia: a danger to itself and Transcaucasian stability, by George Hewitt
Money for the Needy, by Dmitry Babich
Bailing Out Georgia - No, not our Georgia – the other one!, by Justin Raimondo
Nasty Nationalism, by E. Wayne Merry
Abkhazia, Georgia & the Circassians (N. W. Caucasus), by George Hewitt
Abkhazia: A Broken Paradise, by Georgi Derluguian
Abkhazian futures, by Andrew Mueller
The Caucasus - An Overview, by George Hewitt
Bloom Off the Rose: Georgian “democracy” owes more to Josef Stalin than Thomas Jefferson, by John Laughland
Moscow’s Windfall Recognition of Abkhazia, By Akhra Smyr
JRL - RAS Issue No. 43 • September 2008 - The Caucasus
Opinion: Hottentot morality - Uri Avnery
Lesson to the West: Abkhazian independence is a fact, by Inal Khashig
Foreign Lobbyists and the Making of US Policy, by Justin Raimondo
End Double Standards over Kosovo and Abkhazia, by Maxim Gvindzhia
Are we all Georgians? Not so fast, by Lanny Davis
Abkhazia: wedded to independence, by Zygmunt Dzieciolowski
One Final Point For Abkhazia
Georgia's Recklessness, By Paul J. Saunders - Washington Post, August 15, 2008
The Neocons Do Georgia - Humanity's Greatest Enemy?, by Paul Craig Roberts
No, We're Not All Georgians Now, by Cernig
Beyond South Ossetia – the new world order, by Peter Lavelle
The West Shares the Blame for Georgia, by Anatol Lieven
Some Thoughts on the recent fighting, by John Colarusso - 13 August 2008
A Georgian gambling in Caucasus, by Fehim Tastekin
Way to Let Abkhazia Live Normal Life, by Yulia Latynina
Abkhazia's Liberation and International Law, by E. K. Adzhindzhal
Situation In Abkhazia, by Sergei Bagapsh
Some Thoughts on 'Abkhazia is not Kosovo', by George Hewitt
Why Independence For Abkhazia Is The Best Solution, by George Hewitt
Historical-Legal Factors of Georgian - Abkhazian Relations, MFA Republic of Abkhazia
Saakashvili’s “democracy” in Georgia, by Wayne Madsen



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