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Direct flights will be established between Nalchik and Sochi
Co-Chairs of the Geneva Talks have held a meeting in Sukhum
President Aslan Bzhania Visited The Office of the Human Rights Ombudsman
Shamba: the opening of the railway-communication through Abkhazia was discussed more than 10 years ago
It has become known when Abkhazia can receive the Sputnik V vaccine
Academician Lidia Chkadua Has Passed Away
Beslan Agrba: "Three-Month Programme of Financial Support for Abkhazian Medics in the Fight Against COVID-19 Has Been Fully Implemented"
Abkhazia Commemorates the 28th Anniversary of Lata Tragedy
People's Artist of Abkhazia Vakhtang Vozba passes away
Three patients with coronavirus have died in Abkhazia over the 24 hour-period
Irakli Tuzhba met with the Co-chairs of the International Geneva Discussions
AW has donated $1,962 donated to a local charity as part of its international fundraising campaign
Operational Headquarters of Abkhazia: four deaths and 52 new cases of coronavirus
Ex-President of Adygea Allocates 50 Million Rubles to Abkhazia to Fight COVID-19
Beslan Agrba: “We will provide financial support to our doctors, who are so selflessly fighting for the lives of our fellow citizens!”
Good harvest: Abkhazia has increased exports of fruits and nuts
The number of cases of COVID-19 detected in Abkhazia exceeds three thousand
Appeal by representatives of civil society of Abkhazia in relation to the ongoing military action in the Karabakh conflict zone
Humanitarian Cargo from Turkey's Abkhaz Diaspora Delivered to Abkhazia
Toivo Klaar: The purpose of the visit of the EU delegation is to start working relations with the leadership of Abkhazia
Aslan Bzhania received the EU delegation on the South Caucasus
Abkhazia: constitution reforms under way
Opening of the Embassy of the Republic of Abkhazia in the Syrian Arab Republic took place in Damascus
Viacheslav Chirikba appointed Head of the Centre for Strategic Studies under the President
Abkhaz, Georgian, Ossetian peacebuilders call for an end to Nagorno-Karabakh violence
Abkhazia Allows Cryptocurrency Mining
Abkhazian Foreign Ministry responded to NATO's call to Russia to withdraw recognition of the Republic
A medical team from Bashkiria has arrived at the Gudauta hospital
No parade: the programme of events for Victory Day in Sukhum has been reduced
Restrictions due to coronavirus will be introduced in Abkhazia from October 5
Abkhazia record 20 new cases of coronavirus in day
UNICEF Has Provided The Second Batch of Aid to Medical and Social Institutions in Abkhazia
UNDP Delivered Humanitarian Aid to Gudauta Hospital
Doctor speaks about what volunteers are needed in the Gudauta hospital
First reports: there are no representatives of the Abkhaz-Adyghe diaspora among the victims in Beirut
Alkhas Kondzhariya: Reopening Border with Russia Risks Healthcare System’s Collapse
Ten new COVID-19 cases recorded in Abkhazia
Active COVID-19 cases increased to 32
Six new cases of coronavirus recorded in Abkhazia
Sergey Shamba appointed Secretary of the Security Council of Abkhazia
Abkhazia Extend Border Restrictions To July 28
Two New cases of COVID-19 detected in Abkhazia
Bzhania extends border-restrictions with Russia until 21 July
The Union of Journalists of Abkhazia has joined the International Federation of Journalists
Deputy Chairman of the State Committee for the Repatriation of Abkhazia Appointed
A random find: the collection of the Abkhazian museum has been replenished with new artifacts
Two patients will be discharged from the Gudauta hospital after treatment for COVID-19
Ministry of Health of Abkhazia: about 700 citizens need cancer-treatment
There are no new cases: 8 people have been tested for coronavirus in Abkhazia
Another 23 people have been checked for coronavirus in Abkhazia



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