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The condition of the third patient with coronavirus has worsened
The isolation of an apartment-building in Gagra can be removed within a week
After repeated tests: the first patient with COVID-19 in Abkhazia will be prepared for discharge
Skorik on quarantine-measures in Abkhazia: they should also apply in churches
Result negative: in Abkhazia 14 people have been checked for coronavirus over the course of the past day
She herself was a doctor: elderly resident of Gagra with coronavirus stays at home
Limited attendance and no reception: how the inauguration of Aslan Bzhania will take place
No new cases found of coronavirus-infection in Abkhazia
Elderly woman from Gagra, sick with COVID-19, declined to be hospitalised
A third case of coronavirus detected in Abkhazia
Not found: in Abkhazia, 11 people have been tested for coronavirus
Self-isolation is your duty: Bganba appealed to the people of Abkhazia
The second case of coronavirus detected in Abkhazia
Bganba has called for mobilisation of all forces and resources due to coronavirus
First case of COVID-19 infection confirmed in Abkhazia
More than 700 places for the treatment of patients with COVID-19 may be made ready in Abkhazia
Bartsits on the movement ‘We (Are) Together’: united, we have a chance to cope with coronavirus
Under conditions of the State-of-Emergency: the head of the Ministry of Finance spoke about the working of Abkhazia's financial system
The Sukhum municipal administration has tightened measures to combat coronavirus
Bank of Abkhazia has recommended restructuring of borrowers’ debts
First orders of the Ministry of Health paid from funds collected by entrepreneurs of Abkhazia
Businessmen of Abkhazia raised 150K dollars to fight against coronavirus
No queues: grocery-stores in Abkhazia have been obliged to work in a new way
Businessmen of Abkhazia will create a fund to fight against coronavirus
Gudauta hospital will become a reserve hospital for potential COVID-19 patients
The Chief Sanitary Doctor of Abkhazia has proposed unprecedented measures to protect against the Coronavirus be introduced
CEC announced final results of Presidential Elections
The Presidential Inauguration and Resignation of the Cabinet of Ministers: what will happen after the presidential election
2020 Presidential Elections in Abkhazia
Antivirus design: The production of medical masks has begun in Sukhum
Additional measures to combat coronavirus introduced in Abkhazia
"War" with a pandemic: how in Abkhazia the spread of coronavirus is being fought
The WHO will assist Abkhazia in the fight against coronavirus
Akaba on the tasks of the new president of Abkhazia: the voice of the people must be heard
Arsalia: it is hoped that cultural events cancelled due to coronavirus will be held later
About 400 people gathered to take action against the corruption in the center of Sukhum
Bganba issues order to prepare a bill on accession to the UN Convention against Corruption
Campaign-headquarters have announced the date of the return of Bzhania to Abkhazia
Ardzinba and Dzapshba campaign-headquarters have resumed work
Sergey Shamba: Aslan Bzhania will be back in service before the election
Surviving Stalin and Beria: how Abkhazian radio shaped the national worldview
Nomination of Candidates for President of the Republic of Abkhazia Has Ended
Kan Kvarchia Will Not Run For The Upcoming Presidential Election
Abkhazia’s CEC Has Registered the First Party to Nominate a Presidential Candidate
Shamba: negotiations with Georgia will yield results after signing a peace-treaty
Damenia on the resignation of the president: stability in society does not come overnight
Abkhaz president agrees to resign, new presidential elections set for March 22
Supreme Court of Abkhazia orders rerun of presidential election
Flowers, tears of victory, memories
Outcome of Abkhaz Presidential Run-Off Overshadowed by Dispute over How Election Law Should Be Interpreted, by Liz Fuller



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