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OSCE Human Dimension Conference: Dr. Yasemin Oral Highlights Circassian and Abkhazian Issues
Abkhazia Forecasts Lower Citrus Harvest for 2023
Abkhazia Proposes Resumption of Meetings in the IPRM Format to Tbilisi
The Geneva Discussions in Spotlight: Sputnik's Video Bridge Event
Abkhazian Chamber of Commerce Hosts German Delegation
The 'Immortal Regiment' March Took Place in Sukhum
Three Decades Later: Abkhazia Celebrates Victory and Independence
Lasha Ashuba Welcomes South Ossetian Delegation
Aslan Bzhania Hosts Heads of Delegations from Adygea, Kabardino-Balkaria, and Karachay-Cherkessia
Memorial Candles Lit in Park of Glory for Fallen Fighters
State Philharmonic Hosts Commemorative Concert for Sukhum’s Liberation Day
Abkhazia Celebrates the 30th Anniversary of Sukhum's Liberation
Understanding Abkhazia: KAFKAS Foundation Marks 30 Years of Independence with Insightful Panel
Ekaterina Bebia's Military Chronicle Photo Exhibition Opens in Sukhum
Circassian Volunteer Arsen Efendiev Reburied After Decades of Uncertainty
The 30th Anniversary of Abkhazia's Victory Explored at a Sputnik Round Table
Revamped Abkhazian Keyboard for iOS Devices Unveiled by Deputy of Parliament, Inar Sadzba
Battlefield Bravery: Honouring the Women of War on Abkhazia’s 30th Victory Anniversary
Diaspora Concerns: Abkhazian Representatives from Türkiye Raise Alarm on 'Apartment Law'
The opening of Sukhum airport is expected in 2025
Alfred-Maurice de Zayas Speaks Out on Abkhazia, South Ossetia, and the Right of Self-Determination
Sukhum's State Museum Honours the Disappeared of Georgian-Abkhazian War with Poignant Photo Exhibition
Sukhum Commemorates the Disappeared on International Day of Remembrance
Sergey Shamba: "No Small Country Can Avoid External Threats Without Allies"
Four COVID-19 Patients Admitted to Gudauta Hospital
Abkhazia's Foreign Ministry Issues Statement on Medvedev's Remarks
Abkhazia: Seeking Alliance but Standing Apart from Russian Federation
Adgur Ardzinba Expresses Concern Over National Policies in Exclusive Interview
Ardzinba: Georgia Attempts to Block Abkhazia's Dialogue with International Partners
"Without this fraternal shoulder, we will never achieve anything."
In Gudauta, Commemoration Takes Place for Volunteer Day
From Invasion to Victory: Abkhazia Marks 31 Years Since the Georgian-Abkhazian War's Outset
Flooding Strikes Gagra District Following Heavy Rains
79 Children from Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, and KCR to Participate in Abkhazia Camp
Abkhazia's Honey Production Plummets to Just 100 Tons This Year
"Saakashvili wanted to begin with Abkhazia" - Opinion on the August 2008 War, by Inal Khashig
Memorial Event Commemorates the 15th Anniversary of the 2008 War in Sukhum
Abkhazia’s General Prosecutor Calls for Immediate Action Against Animal Exploitation for Tourist Photos
The Silent Victims: Urgent Action Needed for Abkhazia's Captive Wildlife
"Why do 80% of Abkhazians Currently Reside in Turkey?"
President Aslan Bzhania, Meets with Representatives of ABHAZFED
Abkhazian Economic Indicators Discussed at Cabinet Meeting
National Flag Day Festivities Light up Abkhazia
The Story of Abkhazia's Flag: A Symbol of Independence
Abkhazia and Nicaragua: Signing of 2023 Cooperative Program
Addressing the Challenges of Abkhazia's Demographic Shift: A Roundtable Discussion
Diaspora Veterans Stand Against Proposed Abkhazia Property Law
Alexander Ankvab: We should not fear apartment hotels, but COVID and road fatalities
Raul Khajimba Expresses Opposition to Controversial Apartment Law
KAFFED Expresses Concern Over Abkhazia's Proposed 'Apartment Law'



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