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Viacheslav Chirikba: "We want to restore the lost connection between Abkhazia and Italy"
Irakli Khintba: "We are counting on the continuing cooperation and support of the members of Parliament in the development of bilateral relations between Abkhazia and Venezuela"
A memorial evening for Sultan Sosnaliev held in Nalchik
In Abkhazia the Day of Remembrance for the Victims of the Caucasian War is being Marked
May 17 is the birthday of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Abkhazia
Ankvab: "We are not seeking to prevail upon anyone to recognise us, but we do not want to communicate with the world through Tbilisi"
The meeting of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Abkhazia, Viacheslav Chirikba with the delegation of the European Union
President Aleksandr Ankvab received Professor of the Sorbonne Michael Kazan
Countries ready to recognize Abkhazia face threats and blackmail
Invited and Uninvited, by Daniel Broessler
‘The Abkhazian authorities attach great importance to the preservation of historical and cultural monuments on the territory of the Republic,’ says Deputy Foreign Minister Irakli Khintba
According to the results of the second round of voting, 20 members of the parliament of Abkhazia were elected
The Abkhaz side has expressed serious concern in connection with the creation of illegal armed formations in Georgia
Today in Abkhazia the 19th anniversary of the March offensive is being commemorated
Ankvab has given an interview to the Italian magazine "Eurasia"
A delegation from Tuvalu Arrives in Abkhazia
Viacheslav Chirikba: "We simply will not read these letters"
B. Tabagua: Essentially Everything is Ready for Conducting the Parliamentary Elections
Ankvab: The support of the people gives me strength and confidence in the rightness of our actions
Karabakh Head of State condemns terrorism against Abkhazia leader
Primitive and eyeless, world's deepest land animal discovered
Attempt on life of Abkhazian president
Ankvab has no illusions that relations with the European Union will improve
US, UK hamper Abkhazia's recognition
Co-chairmen of the Geneva Talks to take part in a seminar in Pitsunda
Abkhazia - a European democratic country, open to cooperation and dialogue - Minister of Foreign Affairs
Leonid Lakerbaya: It is not trust between Abkhazians and Georgians that needs to be strengthened but that between Abkhazia and the EU
Every New Year gives hope for better future - Abkhazia’s president
The population of Abkhazia stands at 240,705
Abkhazian experiment on rabbits
The Supreme Court of South Ossetia illegally interfered in the work of the CEC: CEC head of Abkhazia
Abkhazia sent bottled water to Tuvalu
Abkhazia Achieves Mine Free Status
In Sukhum a monument has been set up to the victims of the political repressions of the 1930-40s.
Foreign Minister Viacheslav Chirikba met UN delegation
L. Lakerbaia presented Viacheslav Chirikba, their new head, to the staff of the Foreign Ministry of the Republic of Abkhazia
Te Moli Venaos-Goiset, Ambassador designated to Abkhazia from Vanuatu, congratulates President Alexander Ankvab on his inauguration
On the establishment of diplomatic relations between Republic of Abkhazia and Tuvalu
Nugzar Ashuba: The people of Abkhazia made a conscious choice
Alexander Ankvab elected as Abkhazia president
Maxim Shevchenko: "This is an absolutely democratic election"
119 observers from 27 countries monitor elections in Abkhazia
The international organization for observing elections CIS-EMO starts work in the elections in Abkhazia
KVN team from Abkhazia failed to come to festival in Jurmala because Latvia refused to give visas
Latvia rejected visas to the KVN team “Narty from Abkhazia”
Abkhazian presidential candidates have signed an agreement “for clean and honest elections”
Acting President Ankvab outraged at the beating in Nalchik of the Hero of Abkhazia, Ibrahim Yaganov
Rector of the Abkhazian State University, Aleko Gvaramia, awarded the international prize "United Europe"
Video: Vanuatu Recognises Abkhazia Hon. Alfred Carlot MP, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Vanuatu
Abkhazia presents proof of independence recognition by Vanuatu



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