The head of the CEC: the elected President of Abkhazia is Raul Khajimba

 President of Abkhazia is Raul Khajimba

The second round of presidential elections was held in Abkhazia

According to the CEC: Alkhas Kvitsiniya scored 38 thousand 742 votes, which is 46.99%; 

Raul Khajimba gained 39 thousand 741 votes, which is 47.38%; 

the total number of votes against all candidates for the RA President is 3 thousand 154; 

the total number of ballots recognised invalid - 2 thousand 246; 

total number of ballots received by election commissions - 124 thousand 700; 

total number of canceled ballots - 40 thousand 816; 

total number of voters included in the voter lists is 127 thousand 136; 

total number of voters who received ballots is 83 thousand 884; 

total number of voters who participated in the vote is 83 thousand 883, which is 65, 98%.

Source: ApsnyPress





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