Yuri Voronov (1941-1995)

 Yuri Voronov archaeologist, Abkhazia

Yuri Nikolayevich Voronov ( May 8, 1941, Tsebelda - September 11, 1995, Sukhum ) is a Russian archaeologist and Caucasian researcher, a researcher of prehistoric, ancient and medieval antiquities of Abkhazia and Sochi, including the Great Abkhazian Wall. Deputy of the Supreme Council of Abkhazia (1990-1995), Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of Abkhazia (1994-1995).

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Vladislav Ardzinba (1945-2010)

Vladislav Ardzinba

Vladislav Grigoryevich Ardzinba (Abkhaz: Владислав Арӡынба) (14 May 1945 – 4 March 2010) was a wartime leader and the first president of Abkhazia.

He was born in May 1945 in the village of Lower Eshera (just north of Abkhazia's capital, Sukhum), where his father taught history. He worked at Moscow's Oriental Institute under Yevgeny Primakov, who, as Russian Foreign Minister, was later to play a role in the post-war Georgian-Abkhazian negotiating process.

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Bagrat V. Shinkuba (1917-2004)

Bagrat Shinkuba Abkhazia

Bagrat Uasyl-ipa Shinkuba (Abkhaz: Баграҭ Уасыл-иҧа Шьынқәба),  was an Abkhaz writer, poet, historian, linguist and politician.

Bagrat Shinkuba born 12 May 1917 in the village of Chlou. After high school he entered the Sukhum Pedagogical College (1931-1935 gg.). After graduating, he entered the Sukhum State Pedagogical Institute (1935-1939 gg.). In 1939 he entered the graduate school of the Institute of Linguistics of the Academy of Sciences of the Georgian SSR. He studied history and languages of Abkhaz, Adyghe and Ubykh people. In 1945 he defended his thesis for the degree of candidate of philological sciences.

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Shalva Inal-ipa (1916-1995)

Shalva Inal-Ipa

Shalva Inal-ipa (Abkhaz: Шьалуа Иналиҧа) (20 October 1916 - 22 September 1995). Abkhazian scientist, historian, ethnographer, literary critic, one of the brightest representatives of the Abkhaz creative intellectuals of the twentieth century.

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Alexander Chachba-Shervashidze (1867–1968)

Alexander Chachba-Shervashidze

Aleksandr Konstantinovich Shervashidze (Chachba) Abkhaz: Алеқсандр Константин-иҧа Чачба, (24 December 1867 - 12 August 1968 ); The first professional Abkhaz artist; painter, art historian and art critic. The prince, grandson of the ruler of the Abkhazian principality Keleshbei Chachba, the Prince of Abkhazia (1918-1968), brother of Vladimir Shervashidze.

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