The state does its best for settling all those who repatriated

SUKHUM -- The President received leaders of the State Committee for Repatriation and Committee's representatives in Syria Sharaf Marshan and Yasser Maan.

They briefed Alexander Ankvab on what had been done to repartiate our compatriots.

According to Sharaf Marshan, those who wish to arrive in Abkhazia, have to give a written assurance they will stay to live in their historical homeland.

Yasser Maan thanked the leadership of Abkhazia and the State Committee for Repatriation for providing all-round assistance to repatriates from Syria and warm attitude towards them.

According to the head of the Committee for Repatriation Hrips Dzhopua, today 522 repatriates have returned to Abkhazia from Syria.

According to Sharaf Marshan, out of them around 50 percent are Abkhazian and Abkhaz-Adyghe families. The others are representatives of Adyghe families.

Hrips Dzhopua said there were problems with settling because not everybody agreed to live in those houses or apartments that were provided by the state.

The chairman of the Committee asked representatives of our diaspora in Syria to explain to people that the state had no resources to buy everybody apartments in Sukhum.

Alexander Ankvab added that the state does and will do its best for settling all those who repatriated.




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