Abkhazia’s Library System is on the verge of change - Cholariya

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SUKHUM (Sputnik Abkhazia) -- According to Boris Cholariya, director of the IG Papaskiri National Library, the renovated building will meet all modern standards and will be a gift for all the country’s  readers. 

The country’s library system is on the verge of change, National Library of Abkhazia Director Boris Cholariya told Sputnik in an interview. 

"Once construction work is finished, the library will meet all modern standards in terms of the composition of the various library collections and various information resources," he said. 

According to the director, 70% of the repair work has been done. The building’s roof, windows and doors have been replaced, and electric wiring and an air conditioning system have been installed. 

Boris Cholariya said that the pace of work is intensive. Electricians, plasterers, painters and tillers are working simultaneously.  The floor plan has been revised and an area of 400 square meters has been added that will house reading rooms for children and young people. There will also be a [reading] room for handicapped children. 

"Our main task is to move the library collection into a new building that meets all modern standards. This will be a gift to all readers," Boris Cholariya said. 

The National Library has not stopped functioning for the duration of the renovations.  Part of thebook collection has been moved to the premises of the Sukhum National Children's Library  Sukhum where readers use the literature they need.   

The remaining books are stored on the premises of the Sukhum Industrial College. 

According to Boris Cholariya, the staff is undergoing training on the use of the modern equipment with which the library will be provided. 

"This is a year of responsibility for us, we need to provide the building with modern equipment. The entire staff is anticipating the opening of the library with trepidation," Cholariya said. 

Renovation of the IG Papaskiri National Library began in 2012. The building is included in the list of the Comprehensive Plan to promote the socio-economic development of the Republic of Abkhazia. The building work is being carried out by the state enterprise "Abkhazstroi." The building of the National Library of Abkhazia will be signed off on in May.




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