Eternal memory to the victims of an unjust war

Ceremony of laying flowers to the monument to Muhajirs.

SUKHUM -- To honor the memory of the victims came the country's leadership, MPs, representatives of the Ministry of Defense, the Administration, ministries and agencies, youth organizations, the descendants of Muhajirs with children, the public, students and schoolchildren.

After the ceremony was a rally in memory of Muhajirs.

"It is already 151 years since the eviction of the Caucasian peoples from their homelands. Our ancestors kept their customs, traditions and language in a foreign country. We can not return history. But today, people are back in their homes and live in their homeland. This policy started to carry out the first President of Abkhazia Vladislav Ardzinba. He laid the foundation of this wise policy and now many returnees live in their own land", - said the immigrant from Syria Ziuar Aryutaa.

"Muhajirun changed the ethnic and political picture of the North Caucasus and Transcaucasia. Resettlement has caused irreparable damage to the gene pool of the Caucasus and led to major changes in lifestyle. 151 years Abkhazians and Circassians live in isolation worldwide. Today, all over the world we celebrate this day, but, unlike others we are happy to celebrate it in our historical homeland. Our future depends on us. We will always stand up for peace and understanding, and to resist all kinds of assimilation ", - said the representative of the International Circassian Association "Adyghe-Khasa" Dyzhyn Churey.




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