Call of inhabitants of Abkhazia to stop the bloodshed in Ukraine

We, inhabitants of Abkhazia, who survived a war thirty years ago which lasted more than a year, call for an immediate stop to the bloodshed in the Ukraine! The death of people on both sides only aggravates the existing contradictions, which must be resolved by peaceful means.

The global confrontation, which is growing every day, has already lowered the standard of living across almost the entire planet. At any moment, a nuclear war could break out, with catastrophic consequences for all of us.

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In the first place, we are all human beings, living and very vulnerable creatures! If we forget about our human community, we can destroy all life. We appeal to the common sense and responsibility of all those who are able to stop the bloodshed and prevent a truly global catastrophe!

Nadezhda Venediktova, Saida Alania, Rusudan Kobyakova, Larisa Katsia, Astanda Gitsba, Elena Zavodskaya, Arda Inal-Ipa, Olga Korneeva, Diana Kerselyan, Naala Kartozia, Aida Ladaria, Lyudmila Sagaria, Madina Gartskia, Asida Butba, Elona Turava, Said Gezerdava, Indira Agrba, Liana Kvarcheliya, Azamat Bagatelia, Asida Lamia, Tsiala Tskuya, Elita Kokoskeria...




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