Gagra and Patti sign an agreement on establishing friendship and cooperation

The city of Gagra and the Sicilian town of Patti (Italy) have signed an agreement on friendship and cooperation.

The agreement, signed earlier by the mayor of Patti, Giuseppe Maori Akkino, brought Abkhazia’s Foreign Ministry spokesman, Mauro Murgia, to Italy. The head of the Administration, Grigori Enik, signed the document today in Gagra.

This is already the third agreement on friendship and cooperation between Gagra and Italian cities, the Deputy Foreign Minister of Abkhazia, Irakli Khintba, told ApsnyPress.

"The Abkhazian Foreign Ministry is continuing to work on the establishment of friendship and cooperation between the cities of Italy and Abkhazia, as well as other countries. We hope that these documents will be filled with concrete content. All the preconditions for this are in place," the Deputy Minister, Irakli Khintba, told ApsnyPress. He stressed that, despite the opposition of Georgia and its allies, in spite of limited resources and opportunities, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Abkhazia is able to achieve concrete results in its work.

Today, with the support and mediation of the Abkhazian Foreign Ministry, a protocol on friendship and cooperation between the cities of New Athos and Tratalias (Sardinia, Italy) was signed in the Administration of New Athos.

Patti a city in Italy, located in the region of Sicily in the province of Messina. Population - 13,320; area - 50 km².




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