Eleven appointments per week: how Abkhazia’s new executive is formed

On April 23, the new president of Abkhazia, Aslan Bzhania, officially took office as head of state. As the first order of business, he appointed the heads of government and of the presidential administration as well as approved the new structure of the cabinet of ministers.

Alexander Ankvab has been appointed Prime Minister of Abkhazia, with the president signing the order on April 24. This was perhaps the most expected appointment as even during the election campaign, Bzhania had openly announced his plan put Ankvab in the position.

Previously, the post of prime minister was held by Valery Bganba, who had been appointed by ex-president Raul Khadjimba in 2018 after the tragic death of Prime Minister Gennady Gagulia.

The presidential administration will be led by the ex-presidential candidate and leader of the Amtsakhara party Alkhas Kvitsiniya. Kvitsiniya is replacing was Beslan Bartsits who had resigned after ex-president Raul Khadjimba stepped down from his post.

After the first two appointments, four days of calm followed. However, on April 28, Aslan Bzhaniya signed decrees on two appointments: Beslan Jopua to be the First Vice-Premier and Vladimir Delba to be the Vice-Premier and Minister of Finance, replacing Jansuh Nanba in the post.

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On April 29, Ruslan Adzhba became the head of the Ministry of Social Security and Demographic Policy. He held this post even before the dissolution of the department and its accession to the Ministry of Health in 2019.

Ministry of Emergency Situations is again to be headed by Lev Kvitsiniya, while Tamaz Tsakhnakia retained his post as head of the Minister of Health.

There were several new appointments on April 30.

National Assembly deputy Dmitry Dbar became the Minister of the Interior. Dbar replaced Rauli Smyr, who was appointed to the post by ex-president Raul Khadjimba in December 2019 after a high-profile murder in the centre of Sukhum and the subsequent resignation of former Minister of Internal Affairs Harry Arshba.

Ex-Deputy Prime Minister Beslan Eshba has been appointed as Acting Head of the Administration of the city of Sukhum. Before him, the position was held by Kan Kvarchia, who only a few days ago announced that he did not plan to leave the post of his own free will.

President Bzhaniya also appointed Yuri Hagush as the Acting Head of the Gagra region. Previously, the post was held by Vladimir Genia.

The Minister of Taxes and Duties, Daur Kurmasia, has retained his post.

The appointments that have taken place are the beginning of the formation of a new executive in Abkhazia. According to the structure of the Cabinet of Ministers, which was approved by Bzhania after taking office, there are 14 ministries in the government, eight state committees, and eight administrations.




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