Strabo and Procopius: Classical Geography for a Christian Empire, by Michael Maas

The world according to Strabo

The world according to Strabo

From Rome to Constantinople: studies in honour of Averil Cameron

Edited by By Hagit Amirav and Bas Ter Haar Romeny. (Leuven–Paris–Dudley, MA: Peeters, 2007)

Strabo and Procopius: classical geography for a Christian empire (pp. 67–83.)

Strabo's Career and Objectives

Strabo on Barbarism and Civilization 

The Roman Empire as an Agent of Change 

Procopius and Christian Imperialism 

Procopius and the Caucasus 

The Story of the Abasgi 

The Story of the Tzani

The Story of the Amazons Conclusion

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