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EU's role in conflict resolution: Georgian and Abkhaz perspectives | Conciliation Resources
International Alert | Mediation and Dialogue in the South Caucasus: A Reflection on 15 Years of Conflict Transformation Initiatives
The Lessons of August (2008), by Natella Akaba
Russia's involvement in the Five-day war as an act of humanitarian intervention, by Inal Sanakoev
The view from Abkhazia of South Ossetia ablaze, by Paula Garb
Georgian policy on Abkhazia: strategy or tactic? By Liana Kvarchelia
Wikileaks, South Ossetia and the Russian "reset", by Hans Mouritzen
Transformation of the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict: rethinking the paradigm, by Natella Akaba and Iraklii Khintba
Revelations from Tbilisi, by Jeffrey K. Silverman
'Terrible Losses Overnight': Cables Track US Diplomatic Efforts to Avert Russian-Georgian Conflict, by Uwe Klussmann
Wiki Leaks and the South Ossetia War, by Patrick Armstrong
Secret prisons in Georgia - system of intimidation for the residents of Abkhazia
The EU and the Conflicts in the Eastern Neighborhood: The Case of Abkhazia, by Irakli Khintba
What Could Have Happened in the Caucasus, by John Colarusso
Military Aspects of the War. The Battle for Gagra (The Turning-point), by Dodge Billingsley
Two year anniversary of August War 2008, by Irakli Khintba
The Impact of the War in Georgia on Russian Public Opinion, by Stephen D. Shenfield
Vandals of the end of the XXth century, by Ermolay K. Adzhindzhal
The Situation in Abkhazia: A Civil Society Perspective - Irakly Khintba, Liana Kvarchelia, Thomas de Waal
'Absence of Will': A commentary, prepared by Metin Sönmez



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